पंजीकृत संख्या 165
Regd. No.
  सत्यमेव जयते  
सम्पूर्ण भारत में पंजीकृत
All India Regd.
(Registered Under The Societies Act.XXI of 1860)
Non Government Organisation of India
Our mission is to find and achieve new targets of human welfare.
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We feel proud to introduce  “MANAV SHIKSHAN WELFARE SOCIETY(M.S.WS.)”.
About Us

We feel proud to introduce  “MANAV SHIKSHAN WELFARE SOCIETY(M.S.WS.)”, Registered Under Societies Registration Act 21-1860, Regd.No.165, is a organisation which was setup for all INDIA, with its prime objective to work for socially and economically backward areas.

What makes us so special?

In the later 90’s when we decided to setup M.S.W.S , we don’t have any resources to nurture our thoughts of humanity upliftment but it was the sheer efforts of the members that today we stand here as a society which is very well known in world of NGO’s working for HUMANITY NOT FOR COMMUNITY.

Major activities of the organisation (MSWS) :

• To Promote and spread our mother language (Hindi) throughout the world.
• To Celebrate social, cultral and national festivals.
• To entertain different - different contest time to time.


After the achievement of political freedom and establishment of a sovereign democratic republic, the common question faced by all of us is Freedom. What is next? Several problems like poverty, backwardness and illiteracy weaken our democratic state.

The foremost purpose of our society is to encourage people to help humanity and we ask them….
If not earth…...where?
If not now……when?
If not you…….who?

To deal effectively with these problem we have to do S.W.O.T analysis i.e. to find our strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and work upon it. With this thought we decided to setup an organisation -“ MANAV SHIKSHAN  WELFARE  SOCIETY ”,  which can motivate the common mob to face his problems with courage and overcome from the same.


Our Mission

Our mission is to find and achieve new targets of human welfare. We work to raise the living standard of  poor and deprived people by helping and providing them all the basic necessities of life. We work for the upliftment of the nation.

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