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Our mission is to find and achieve new targets of human welfare.
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We feel proud to introduceMANAV SHIKSHAN WELFARE SOCIETY.
About Centre
About Bhartiya shikshan and durasth pariksha Kendra:

Bhartiya shikshan and durasth pariksha kendra is an educational and examination centre of all India rank.
The centre had started in 2010 and Affilated to;

1- Akhil Bhartiya Prakritik Chikitsa Yog Parishad Delhi.

2- Board of Naturopathy System of Medicine Uttar Pradesh.

3- Bhartiya Swasthya Shiksha avam Anusandhan Parishad Delhi.

4- Akhil Bhartiya Prakritik Chikitsa Parishad Delhi.

5- Electro Homeopathy avam Alternative Medicine Board.

Major Courses are ;


These courses are correspondence courses and the students  comes from all over india.
Here are some benefits of these courses :-
a).        These courses are valid all over india.
b).        You can use ‘Dr.’ keyword as prefix before your name.
c).        You can continue your own practice.
d).        Diploma (DNYS) is valid in Private and Govt. Job.

Mission :-  Our Mission is to provide valid education, that is why the students comes from all over india for exams. Bhartiya shikshan and durasth pariksha kendra is famous all over india. Bhartiya shikshan and durasth pariksha kendra comes under the ‘MANAV SHIKSHAN WELFARE SOCIETY’.

News & Events : Vacancy for DNYS/Coming Soon..
Download Form For : डी. एन. वाई. एस. फार्म
                                                 (DNYS Form)
CMO Order Kannauj For DNYS
International Naturopathy Organisation
Kerala Govt. Order for DNYS       U.P.Govt.Order for Naturopathy U.P. Govt. order for Akhil Bhartiya Prakritik Chikitsa Parishad, New Delhi
CMO Order Allahabad for DNYS
Mumbai High Court Order for Yoga & Naturopathy.
Central Government Order for
Naturopathy and Yoga
Govt. Order for Yoga Teaching
CMO Order Pratapgarh for DNYS
News About DNYS in News Paper
G.O. Govt.of india
Lucknow high court order for naturopathy and yoga
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